Waterstop Accessories

Waterstop AccessoriesIn the world of construction, there is more to Waterstop than just the Waterstop, you need Waterstop Accessories. Waterstop Accessories like Hog Rings and Eyelets are used to help position and stabilize waterstop during placement of concrete in conjunction with tie wire. By having BoMetals install Hog Rings or Eyelets to PVC or TPER profile, you can make the installation of the waterstop easier and faster which cuts down on labor cost.

BoMetals also offer Factory Made Custom Splices for virtually any PVC & TPER profile (expect Split Profiles). Intersections are one of the most vulnerable places for leaks on any project, and Factory Made Custom Splices can greatly increase the watertightness of your project.

In all projects that have Waterstop installed on it, a Welding Iron will most likely be needed. Welding Irons are used in welding PVC or TPER profiles together and are mainly used for welding two butt ends creating a watertight system.

Please look through all of our Waterstop Accessory Items and give us a call at 1-800-862-4835 or use our contact form if you have any questions.