TPER Waterstops

TPER Waterstops from BoMetals

Chemical Resistant Waterstops

BoMetals, inc. TPER Waterstops play a critical part in providing a fluid tight diaphragm in secondary and tertiary above and below ground containment facilities. This is accomplished by offering a product for concrete joints that greatly expands its resistance to hot petro-chemicals, solvents, aqueous acids and other chemicals listed as hazardous by the EPA.

BoMetals, inc. manufactures TPER Waterstop from a specially formulated Thermoplastic Vulicanizate which is fully cross-linked compound. This product will assure an owner of a facility that requires containment, for environmentally sensitive materials, a reliable and easy to install product. BoMetals’ TPER Waterstop is available in a wide variety of profiles up to 12 inches wide.

Physical Properties of TPER Waterstops

Typical Properties ASTM Method Nominal Value
Hardness Shore A (±3) D-2240 90
Tensile Strength, psi D-412 2300
Elongation, % D-412 530
Brittle Point, ºF D-746 -65
Stress@ 100% Elongation, psi D-638 1000
Ozone Resistance D-1171

Passed with no cracking

at 500 pphm