Synko-Flex® Emulsion Primer SF300

Synko-Flex Emulsion Primer SF300Henry’s Synko-Flex® Emulsion Primer penetrates concrete surfaces to provide an optimal surface for the adhesion and bonding of Synko-Flex® or Hydro-Flex® preformed adhesive waterstops, and Ram-Nek®joint sealants. Formulated with a thin, environmentally safe solution of mineral colloid asphalt emulsion.


  • Applies easily by brush
  • Readily penetrates concrete pores and surfaces
  • Odorless, eco-friendly and non-flammable when wet
  • May be applied on damp or “green” concrete surfaces


  • Available in one-gallon (8.98 lb) jugs and 55-gallon (205 liter/550 lb) drums  (SFP-E42)

Synko-Flex® Emulsion Primer SF300 Data Sheets