HydroStrip Hydrophilic Elastomeric Sealant

HydroStrip HS-201P is a waterstop designed for use in cold joints, precast joints, and for use as a bedding adhesive for hydrophilic waterstops – such as HS-0725CR. With a hydrostatic pressure resistance of 60 psi, HS-201P can be used in deep construction applications such as: Tunnels, Vent Shafts, and Dams. HS-201P can also be used in more com¬mon concrete structures that require a waterstop: Manholes, Box Culverts, Containment Structures, Concrete Slabs or Foundation Joints, Wall or Floor Penetrations, Water & Wastewater Structures, and Many More.


  • Swells upon contact with water
  • Single component application
  • Excellent for new construction
  • Suitable for repair application
  • Works well with precast
  • Swells up to 100% in 7 days
  • Resists hydrostatic pressure to 60psi
  • Adhesive and weld properties


  • HS-201P 10.5 oz. cartridge

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