HydroStrip Butyl Rubber Hydrophilic

HydroStrip (Butyl Rubber) is a rubber-based product that has been formulated with hydrophilic compounds that allow it to expand in a controlled fashion when exposed to moisture, thereby sealing off leaks and restoring long-term, watertight joint integrity. It can be used in depths of up to 100 feet and comes in 3/4″ x 1” & 1″ trapezoid. It is suitable for use with: Manholes, Box Culverts, Double Pours, Containment Structures, Concrete Slabs, Bridge & Deck Abutments, Large Septic Tanks, Wall or Floor Penetrations, Tunnels, Cold Joints, Retaining Walls, Controlled Environment & Utility Vaults, Water & Wastewater Treatment Facilities.
NSF certified/ ANSI 61


  • Provides watertight seal in cold joints
  • Controlled swell on contact with water
  • Penetrates into poorly consolidated surfaces


  • HS-101 (3/4″x1”) comes 100ft/box (16.8ft/roll @ 6rolls/box)
  • HS-101T (1″ Trapezoid) comes 126ft/box (21ft/roll @ 6rolls/box)

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HydroStrip Adhesives

  • HS-311PS (Solvent Based)
  • HS-300PW (Water Based)