PVC Waterstops

waterproofing-1BoMetals PVC Waterstop is a conventional waterstop that can be used in a variety of applications. The main usage is to prevent the passage of liquids in concrete joints in many different projects such as Dams, Tunnels, Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants, and other liquid retaining structures. BoMetals has become one of the American Owned Company leaders in the manufacturing of Waterstop, and we look forward to help you with your current and future projects.

BoMetals categorizes Waterstops by the type of concrete joints they seal. The characteristics of the joint are used to determine the differing demands on the Waterstops and their expected performance.

Physical Properties of PVC Waterstops

Typical Properties ASTM Method Minimum Value
Water Absorption % D-570  .15
Tear Resistance psi (kg/cm2) D-624 300 (21.1)
Specific Gravity (±0.05) D-792 1.38
Hardness Shore A (±5 10 sec. delay) D-2240 80
Tensile psi (kg/cm2) D-638 Type IV 2000 (140.61)
Elongation %  D-638 Type IV 350
100% Modulus psi (kg/cm2)  D-638 Type IV 725 (50.75)
Brittle (Tb) °F (ºC)  D-746 -35 (-37) Passed
Stiffness in Flexure psi (kg/cm2) D-747 600 (42.1)
Ozone Resistance D-1149 No Failure
Accelerated Extraction, CRD-572
Tensile psi (kg/cm2)  D-638 Type IV 1600 (112.49)
Elongation %  D-638 Type IV 300
Effect of Alkali, CRD-572
Weight Change % -0/+0.25
Change in Hardness Shore A D-2240 5
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