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Weep Tubes

PVC Weep Tubes

Cat # Length Box Qty Pallet Qty
2030 4″ 1000 ea 36,000 ea
2035 4″ 500 ea 36,000 ea
2037 4″ 250 ea 36,000 ea
2085 8″ 500 ea 18,000 ea


Weep TubesDuring progress of work all weep tubes shall be protected from damage and should be free of oil, dirt and concrete spatter. Weep Tubes should be kept free from internal obstructions. Broken or damaged weep tubes should not be used. All weep tubes shall be placed to insure that they are correctly positioned in the masonry joint to guarantee air movement from the cavity to the outside of the wall. Typical placement would be for the one end of the weep tube to be flush with the outside of the joint and the opposite end to project into the cavity of the wall. Typical locations would be no greater than 24″ on center. Care should be taken during mortar placement to prevent excessive movement of the weep tubes to insure against displacement. Always thoroughly and systematically inspect mortar around the weep tubes to make certain that the weep tube is free from obstruction.


The location and embedment of the weep tubes shall be as shown on the drawings or called for in the specifications. BoMetals Weep Tubes are manufactured from clear rigid PVC.

Spec Sheet