Highway Center Strip Metal Keyway (HK)


Highway Center Strip Drawing

Highway Center Strip is manufactured of 20 gauge, hot dipped, galvanized steel by BoMetals, Inc., in Carrollton, GA. It is furnished in 10′ lengths for 5″, 6″, 7″, 8″, 9″ and 10″ slabs. Each piece is punched on 6″ centers with dowel rod knockouts and each piece is punched on 12″ centers with slots for the interface of supporting stakes. Computer controlled production assures that dowel knockouts and stake slots never interfere with each other. Center Strip Stakes are manufactured from 16 gauge HRPO steel available in 15″, 18″ and 24″ lengths.


  • Channel stakes double as a splice.
  • Radius formed key eliminates the sharp angles that produce a spalling tendency.
  • Tongue and groove design provide excellent load transfer characteristics for heavy wheeled traffic and prevents uneven settling associated with aggregate interlock.


Spec Sheet



Highway Center Strip Chart

  • Space joints as indicated on drawings, as called for in specifications or as recommended by either ACI or PCA.
  • With elevation checked by instrument, stretch a line the length of the joint below the finished elevation for stake placements.
  • Place the 10′ sections along the line end to end. The stake slots are 12″ on center and act as a simple template for stake placement.
  • Install intermediate stakes on 2′ center … 5 stakes per 10′ section. Additional stakes shall be used with the remaining slots for support if soil conditions require.
  • With continuous placement, concrete shall be placed to full depth simultaneously on both sides of joint.
  • Finish the concrete flush insuring the concrete fills key without void or honeycomb.