Closed Cell, Non Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam

Non-Crossed Linked Foam

Available in Black, Grey or White, and can be used in all standard concrete construction applications.  It is widely used and accepted in residential, commercial and industrial construction.


  • Extruded from high quality polyethylene foam
  • Peel off Strip – Standard on each roll, but can be special ordered without
  • Flexibility – Will not break or crack when used around curves or columns
  • Lightweight – Approximately 10 times lighter than traditional expansion joint products
  • Accepted and used daily by both commercial and residential contractors
  • With near zero water absorption, it will not rot out of the joint over time
  • Easily cut and handled on any job site


  • Your setup is all the same, no special equipment is required.
  • Simply install Non-Cross Linked Foam with the peel strip either up or down, depending on if the joint will be sealed or not.
  • Install using spray on adhesive, mechanical fastners, or depending on the surface simply smack it with a hammer.
  • Finish the concrete as you normally would
  • If the joint will not be sealed then you’re done, if it will be sealed, utilize the peel top feature to create the sealant cavity.

Non-Cross Linked Foam Data Sheets